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Custom oil sessions take the shape of a spiritual reading with the intention to assist you, in assisting yourself. One part spiritual reading, one part witnessing, one part custom aromatic oil blend -

a custom oil session is more than a pretty scent.

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Custom oil sessions are an opportunity to feed and focus on the aspects of self and spirit that do not receive adequate recognition or support within our own lives or our culture at large. This is spirit talk. 


What do I mean? This life walk is not such a linear thing. We are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, and yet, we are steeped in a systemic psychological world system of do’s and don’ts, goods and evils that can keep us feeling controlled, one dimensional and in a constant mesmerizing grind to produce and live up to the overcultures definition of a “successful, desirable” human, in place of cultivating the many potentials that grow from our own self-definition. And while the investigation of the psyche and the work of the mental realm has its place, it’s limiting to singularly start and end there. 


Hello, Spirit. Hello, Soul. Hello, Heart. Where have these life giving forces been flatten and reduced? And why? Why do we cave time after time to the explainable psychology of things vs. the gut instinct, intuition or the creative call? 


I’m a big believer in the middle way, that there is not one singular way to the Heart, to the Center of this Be-ing. I believe we are meant to walk many pathways, with many different guides and perspectives to gain both knowledge and the greatest possibility for creating a whole, purposeful life - as defined by ourselves.


Think of this as an invitation to reconnect, or strengthen, what you already know/feel as the Truth of who You are. The direction comes from you, I'm the reflector and tender that helps to translate those big feels and visions into a clearer understanding and some tangible aromatic oil support that is blended specifically to assist you with where you are and where you want to be.

Curious about the specifics of a custom oil session? Click the "book here" button above for all deets.

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