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Mini custom sessions are a shorter version of a longer more nuanced custom oil reading I offer​. Within just 20 minutes we get into it, to air out where you are wanting more support, what is ripe for releasing and what you are looking to nurture and magnify in your life, right now. We blend a small custom oil on the spot for you to work with daily, to remember and support this becoming. One part intuition, one part guidance, one part plant alchemy!


Creating a personal aromatic oil is both intimate and collaborative. The finalized oil bears the signature of you, for you. Amplify your spell work, daily meditation and all around emotional, spiritual support.


You will receive a half oz blend with a diary of your oils, their purpose and benefit, and some suggested practices for use. 


Sessions are offered via phone.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Plants carry a physical, energetic and biochemical signature that wants to assist us into greater health and wisdom for the benefit of all. We can access this assistance in a number of ways, from simply sitting with a plant to harvesting and processing its roots, leaves, branches, berries and blooms to smelling its essence. Plants are inherently adaptable, resilient and unwavering in their purpose, place and being on this Earth (we can learn from them!).

    I am honored to work with the plants aromatic essence. This aromatic nectar, when used with intent, is a potent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ally that can clarify and ease our travel through the deepest of transitions and transmutations.

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