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Our bodies
are a map ;

they hold the story of where we've been and help us get to where we want to go.

Life is anything but linear.  We are living in an extraordinary time and have the extraordinary blessing to participate in the creation an authentic life that reflects the wonder of who we are.


I am on a path, just like you, just like everyone.  My path has taken me deep into the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body – though they are all One body.  I am fascinated by our individual stories, aspirations, challenges and ability to change within the blink of any eye.  I am committed to being present, living a creative life, and co-creating a world of peace, ease, compassion and joy, by simply being True to myself.


I offer one-to-one and group healing sessions that take the form of bodywork, breathwork, custom oil readings/mentorship and deathwork. I draw from the many healing modalities and areas of self-study that I have participated in. The work I offer is both informed through formal study and intuitive guidance.

Follow links above and in the web navigation bar to individual offerings for more detail information and to book.

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