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A living hub
for tending
body, soul 

& spirit.

Welcome to Amulette Studios! A creative offering that weaves the medicinal power of nature with the alchemy of relationship, somatics and creative expression. One part plant-based apothecary,

one part therapeutics, one part multi media art.

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I used to have a classical definition of art (painting, drawing, writing) and I've come to settle on the idea that all of life itself is a creative gesture (what a relief!). Amulette Studios was birthed by me, Tanya Hughes, in 2016 and it's a multi-branched creative home that brings form, witness and gathering to my many paths of study and interest.   


With a background spanning 25 years in massage therapy, multi-media arts, hermetic alchemy, somatics and plant studies, I am stoked to bring all of these seemingly disparate offerings into one space. And to keep following the thread to new offerings as they appear.


Amulette feels more like a love letter to the soul, than a grand mission to solve or resolve anything.

There is alot to see here! Here are some starting points....

Shop the apothecary for reparative small batch topicals, sprays, teas and incenses. Sign up for a breathwork session that will support decompression and clarity. Do some soul tending with a custom oil session. Wrap your head and heart around end of life matters. And most of all remember to add beauty.



AMULETTE is a sacred, personal object that brings protection to the wearer.


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