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Crafted for Amulette Studios by Central Oregon potter Justin LeBart, also known as Journeyman Ceramics. Approx. 4 - 5" in diameter, these handmade bowls are perfect for placing on your altar and burning loose incense. True to the nature of handmade, exact size and finish will slightly vary from bowl to bowl. Choose from black or white glazing.


Always remember to use sand or small stones as a heat buffer between your incense charcol and the bowl. Do not burn incense directly on the bottom of the bowl. 


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fill bowl 3/4 full with sand or small stones. Place charcoal incense on top and sprinkle incense blend of choice on ashen charcoal. Start small and work up to desired level of smoke. Bowl will warm with temperature of lit charcoal, handle with care.


    New to burning loose incense? Find some tips here.

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