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Grief is a natural response to endings, to the unknown. To walk and breathe with Grief is to welcome its transformative potency to mend and strengthen our broken heart. Grief is an integral part of our human experience and yet we live in a modern culture that often disowns this innate response. We are encouraged to get over it already, to forge ahead and be productive, to flatten and contain the multitude of emotions that arise when we grieve - all in the hopes that we will be spared from the perceived abyss. Grief is as Wild as she is Wise.


This oil has been crafted to assist us in walking "thru the ashes” of our endings. These endings, or transitions, are not limited to an end of life experience, but can include the end of a career, a relationship, a former self.


This oil leans heavily on known “funeral” plants - Myrrh, Cypress & Marjoram - to invoke a sense of peace, protection and steadiness, along with Frankincense & Spikenard for warmth and deep stillness, and sweet support from Rose Geranium & Tulsi for heart stabilization and joy.


Grief need not be something to be feared or dreaded. We can welcome Grief across the threshold and let her teach us how big, deep, resilient and vulnerable we can actually be.


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  • Sweet, green, lightly rosy with earthy, woody undertones.

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