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ON A CLEAR DAY: Open the windows and clean out the stagnant or frentic energy of your space. This plant based spray is crafted to refresh, balance and cleanse both mind and physical space.


SUPER VISION: Open up your inner landscape, this plant based spray is crafted with sacred plants that have been used throughout history to cleanse, ground, ignite and support inner vision.


RADIANT HEART: Root and open, let go and receive. Embrace the dance of softness with boundary, discomfort as wisdom and vulnerability as strength. This plant based spray is crafted to draw you back into your vast, true Heart.


DREAM ON: Invite deeper rest and dream states with a special blend of hypnotic plants known for their power to usher in systemic relaxation. This plant based spray is crafted to inspire relaxation, unwinding and inner spaciousness.


STEADY NOW: Soothe the ragged edges, soften your body and feel the Earth under your feet. This plant based spray is crafted to inspire steadiness, space and upliftment.


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  • ON A CLEAR DAY: Fresh, green with a hint of floral (lavender) softness.


    SUPERVISION: Woodsy with bittersweet-camphoraceous, soft green undertones.


    RADIANT HEART: Earthy, pungent, sweet, lightly tart floral with a hint of spicy basalmic undertone.


    DREAM ON: Sweet-berbaceous, pungent tangy with a hint of minty/menthol undertone.


    STEADY NOW: Woody, sweet-herbaceous, green, citrus with a spicy basalmic undertone.

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