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This 2024 inspired oil features aromatic plants that clear the mental spin, that deepen the breath, that inspire a unification of body and mind, that gently stoke courage and a soft, flexible heart.

This is a limited run oil thru January 2024 or until sold out.




You are infinite. We are infinite. A cosmic expression of multi-dimensional energy ensouled in living flesh, blood and bone. And within this corporeal existence we create stories, we create identities, we create longings, we create dreams and nightmares about who and what we are.


Awake. Awake. Awake.


If life is persistent movement - always beginning, always ending; our presence is the eternal, alchemical grounding stone. A presence that softens our tight bodies and unfurls our breath. A presence that tingles just our skin and spine. A presence that expands our vision, clears our ears and pauses our speech. A presence that opens to curiosity in lieu of strategy. A presence that moves as slow discernment. A presence that trusts we will meet the next moment, when the next moment arrives. A presence that is home.


We need no certification. Our certification is our willingness to remember and return to this vibrating now.


We are in the midst of a great change, a great churning. Some elders say it’s the beginning of “the long dark”. Though the “dark” without thought implies an ominous unknown...withIn the dark is a vastness. Within the dark, we can rest. Within the dark, our senses become heightened and instincts enlivened. Within the dark, we germinate. Within the dark, our presence is the pathway through.


Inhale: I Am.    Exhale: Here.


May this 2024 anointing oil sing you back to your presence. May the scent clear the path to an always waiting home within.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Camphorous, clarifying, earthy, warm with a touch of citrus.

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