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Location: Anywhere you choose with a steady internet connection :)

This 3-session group breathwork series is an opportunity for those who have previously participated in the 2-part pranayama breath practice to foster a deeper, more sustained conversation with breathwork as a form of personal transformation and healing.

Each session is 2 hours long and will be experienced within the community container of a group of 4-10 participants via the Zoom platform. While each session follows the same rhythm of practice, the experience of the breath each week will be dynamic.

This simple, yet deeply profound and sensate breath practice has the power to reprogram how we relate to our bodies and the world around us.


This work is for everyone! All levels, all abilities, and especially those curious about the nature of breathwork to heal and clear are welcome to join. This practice can be particularly powerful during times of stress, grief, transition, and when navigating new beginnings.

Participants are:

-Willing to initiate the movement of stuck physical, mental, and emotional energy

-Curious about the infinite capacity of the breath to heal

-Interested in developing a self-guided healing breathwork practice

-Have participated in 2 prior breathwork sessions with Tanya


Each time we practice the breathwork, while the protocol is the same, the experience is always unique. It is common to experience mild to intense physical sensations including tingling in the face and hands, wild movement of energy, and deeper connection to the physical body as well as to the healing energies available to us. Practitioners typically feel deeply relaxed and uplifted following the work. Participants are encouraged to take extra good care of themselves following the sessions; hydration, nourishing foods, journaling, rest, time in nature, salt baths, self-massage, and quiet time are all recommended during this series. Following breathwork, many participants report the release of long stuck energies, immediate relief from physical ailments, a reduction in anxiety, creative inspiration, and a deeper sense of connection to spirit.

Participants will acquire:

-An in-depth understanding of the holistic benefits of breathwork practice

-An increased capacity to stay present for physical and emotional sensation as it arises

-The tools needed to craft and maintain a strong yet adaptable home practice

-Strategies for addressing blocked energies and patterns of anxiety in body, mind, and spirit

Tuition: $200*
*If you are wanting to participate, but funds are minimal OR you happen to be in a position of abundance to sponsor someone else, please contact me to discuss payment plans and options.