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GROUP VIRTUAL BREATHWORK - 12/5/20, 3p to 4:30p PST


Image of GROUP VIRTUAL BREATHWORK - 12/5/20, 3p to 4:30p PST

These are wild times babes! And in the wild, we ADAPT. In lieu of our in-person classes, let's take up some breathing room online. Please read this in its entirety, so you know what to expect!

Via Zoom we will breath together from the comfort of our personal nests. There are MANY styles of breathwork available to us, this style is an ACTIVE, open mouthed, 2-part breathing pattern that invites deep sensation and focus from the brain into the visceral body. It is intended to loosen conscious and unconscious holding, physical/mental/emotional pattering and can stir what is just under the surface for release, recognition and process. After a brief intro, breath observation and intention setting, the bulk of our time will be spent breathing to a thoughtfully curated playlist with my remote assist and cueing. Admittedly, this has a different quality than an in person group, though we are together, we are also apart. This distance is an invitation to truly drop into to receive the power of your own inner wisdom, your own inner healer. No previous breathwork experience is necessary to attend, just a willingness to receive! One to one sessions are also available, see CLASSES.

Registration closes at 11A PST on the day of class. You will be sent a Zoom meeting notice with prep info by 12p on that day.

You will need to download the ZOOM app PRIOR to our group! It's free!

For the best sound/music experience, I recommend the use of headphones or personal speakers (ie: not the onboard computer speakers).

This group is sliding scale! You choose the $$ option below, that aligns with your current financial means. Please pause and truly select the dollar amount that reflects your resources.

I will be unable to answer emails from 2p to 5p as I will be preparing for then closing our group.

Breathwork is a phenomenal tool for releasing stuck physical, mental and emotional energy. Every single cell in our body requires a steady flow of oxygen to thrive.

In a modern world, which often ignores the wisdom of the body in exchange for efficiency and progress, our breath can become shortened as muscles constrict and life force is dampened in reaction to environmental and emotional stresses. Our breath is a deep and constant source of nourishment and energy for our aliveness. Consciously engaging in an active breathing practice washes and nourishes the body with life giving oxygen, stimulating both cellular and subtle body cleansing that invites a tangible inner and outer sense of ease, balance and awareness.

Learning this active 2-part pranayama based breathing practice will stimulate your senses and the innate healing intelligence of your own body. The simple focused power of your repeated inhale and exhale will increase energy flow, assist to release anxiety, invoke new bodily sensation, interrupt current physical, mental and emotional patterns and magnify your sense of SELF.

Each class is the same format, and like walking a labyrinth, the physical path remains constant, as your experience evolves and changes.