2021 Anointing oil

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2021 Anointing oil


If you are reading this, you are still here, we are still here and “Everything is Waiting for You” (David Whyte). Your willingness to Be and Know all that you Are, wait unconditionally.

The fuel for our inner fire is plentiful. We have all been stripped bare of that which has added up to the word “safety”. Naked in the face of who we think we are, do we recognize ourselves now? Can we make amends for how we have abandoned ourselves and each other to uphold structures that kept us distracted, half alive and afraid of one another? Can we see where we have silenced and withheld our wisdom voice? Can we see where we linger and poke at the bones of the past and expect a different outcome?

We are midstream to an unknown destination. Keep Breathing. Set your eyes to a mysterious horizon and give the river all those heavy untruths. We are in the greatest of polarities. And the polarity to suffering is Peace, the polarity to grief is Joy, the polarity to loneliness is Us.

This 2021 anointing oil is an aromatic ode to keep us turning toward to our infinite, malleable, steady hearts, our thick interconnected roots of belonging, and our multi-dimensional creative ability to choose curative discernment and letting go in service of our becoming and the greater whole.

This limited run oil is available thru January 2021.

Essences in a base of organic jojoba oil are: Palo santo, Vetiver*, Ylang ylang*, Nutmeg*, Sage* & Grapefruit*.

*Denotes Organic
ALL ingredients are 100% natural, fair-trade, Non-GMO, cruetly-free, with no parabens, sulphates, PEG's, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones or synthetic fragrances



Think of these plants as consciousness in a bottle. They are alive and they want to assist. The more you make your intentions, your prayers, your mantras known to them, they more they can participate. Placing the oil on your altar when not in use is a great way to keep the magic going.

Use the oil daily with conscious intent. Always inhale the aroma AND apply to work both body and spirit. A simple dap on a chosen area of the body is enough. Some application ideas…

-AM/PM ritual – apply upon waking and just before bed with your core mantra or word of the day practice.

-Use with meditation – apply to chosen chakras and begin meditation.

-Breathwork – massage dime sized portion into belly, solar plexus & heart and take some deep balloon breaths for as long as you like. Picture light moving through your entire body as you breathe.

-Bathing – add ½ teaspoon of oil to bath salt and use as a spirit bath.

-Do not eat. ☺



VETIVER:: A master of resilience, rootedness and stability, Vetiver has both a deeply nourishing, strengthening and cooling effect on both body and mind. Vetiver grounds and restores the energy systems of the body without dragging it down. It is a glandular tonic, nervous system balancer and connective tissue strengthener. Vetiver centers, reconnects and roots us into a sense of belonging.

PALO SANTO:: Holy Wood is both ground and Heart. Palo Santo offers us steadiness and receptivity in the name of the Heart. A master of holding multiple realities – this ally’s container is vast and Palo Santo invites you to know the same non-binary reality. Palo Santo offers up soothing, releasing, grounding and a wider, holistic perspective.

YLANG YLANG:: Soothing and euphoric, Ylang ylang is a true master of the Heart. Clearing heat, hypertension, anxiety and agitation, this ally both relaxes, uplifts and gently opens the emotional flood gates to allow greater unity within.

NUTMEG:: Cleansing, warming, sensuous and stabilizing. Nutmeg helps us move toward the positive and carries us through the most difficult of times, be it in life circumstance or life illness. Sweet and spicy, Nutmeg softens fears, relieves pain, promotes balance and uplifts.

SAGE OFFICINALIS:: When we think of Sage, we often think of solely cleansing. Sage is also a powerhouse stabilizer. Resilient and co-creative, Sage assists to ground us into our physical body while also cleansing and tempering the mental realm, making room to receive a wider, clearer perspective and connection at large.

GRAPEFRUIT:: Cooling, cleansing and tonifying, Grapefruit is great for stimulating liver and lymphatic function. This ally helps to eliminate excess bodily fluid and break down fats. Grapefruit also assists us in lightening up – checking our claimed and unclaimed anger, self-condemnation, guilt and depression.


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