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Purchase the entire SuperNova set here! Featuring 3-natural steps for radiant, balanced, healthy skin. Step one: Cleanse (Cleansing oil), Step two: Hydrate (Hydration mist), Step three: Seal (Facial serum). Unisex and great for all skin types.


SUPERNOVA CLEANSING OIL: Anti-oxidant and linoleic acid rich, this silky smooth blend looks to pure frankincense resin, jojoba, hemp seed and argan oils for their anti-inflammatory, balancing and reparative constituents. Essential oil free and suited for all skin types. See SN Cleansing oil tips here.


SUPERNOVA FACIAL & HAIR MIST: Hydrate, soothe and nourish your skin thru any season. Relieve puffy, dry skin and/or hair with this pH balanced blend aimed to temper and soothe.


SUPERNOVA FACIAL & HAIR SERUM: Love your skin with thoughtfully chosen whole and essential plant ingredients blended to support your skin's natural integrity and glow. This little number is created to prevent water loss, protect from the elements, repair the skin, balance hyperpigmentation and soften well earned fine lines.


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  • SUPERNOVA CLEANSING OIL: Warm, softly woody and basalmic.


    SUPERNOVA RADIANT FACIAL & HAIR MIST: Fresh, cooling, herbaceous with a camphoraceous undertone.


    SUPERNOVA RADIANT FACIAL & HAIR SERUM: Warm, softly earthy with a touch of citrus and floral (lavender) uplift.


    Essential oils are used at a 1% dilution as to support, but not disrupt the integrity of the facial skin.

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