Mutual Aid

I am very aware that this craft, this medicine, this offering, this business relies on a healthy, vibrant and equitable eco-system. Healthy soil, healthy waterways, healthy air, healthy people - they are integral to our survival and to the spirit and effectiveness of these offerings and my work.

One of the ways I am choosing to show reciprocity is in supporting organizations that are on the front lines of earth, social and restorative justice and care. Thankfully there are many, and many more being birthed every year — Amulette currently pledges 5% of all profits to the following organizations:


Our mission is to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth and be a voice for those not heard.


The mission of the Healing Justice Collective of Central Oregon is to resource Black, Indigenous, Identifying People of Color, and historically oppressed people, in their healing around emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

We hold safe containers of affinity spaces for people of color, offer a role for allies to support and be in community healing with us, and provide funds for healing services in our network of BIPoC practitioners (mental health counselors, chiropractors, massage therapists, energy and body workers, yoga and meditation teachers, etc).


Black Land and Power (BLP) is building a land-based movement for Black liberation. BLP is developing interdependent strategies that move us away from extractive economies dependent on the violent enclosure of land, labor, culture, power, wealth and spirit. We assert a fundamental right to the resources required to create our own productive, dignified and sustainable livelihoods through direct control of our own labor and self-governance. Land is a critical resource to achieve this vision. Our membership-based network is actively creating strategies for transformation that are grounded in a long-term vision, shaped by resilience, culture, and creativity of our ancestry, and rooted in our collective liberation. These are strategies that we can begin putting into practice NOW.


Our volunteer-run collective came together to increase timely and crucial community care through use of accessible herbal medicine to support individuals emotionally, spiritually and physically. Through this project, we are sharing trauma-informed herbal knowledge to support Black and Indigenous community members so that they may stay well during this time of increased time of need.  


United Plant Savers' mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.