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2017 VISION, Anointing Oil

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  • Image of 2017 VISION, Anointing Oil

In meditating on 2017…on what words and qualities that can assist us…the loudest and clearest was VISION.

We are in such a perpetual state of acceleration - what word, what quality can help us navigate all the polarities? VISION.

Vision to think in a new way, Vision to see in a new way, Vision to live in a new way. The World and Humanity needs our Vision of Peace, our Vision of Love, our Vision of Joy, our Vision of Health, our Vision of Equality. This is deeply personal, deeply conscious Work about creating a life and a world that comes into form with our willingness, imagination, self-love, steadfastness and accountability to en-Vision.

Use these plant helpers to assist you with magnifying and receiving your VISION. Essences of:

OAK MOSS - Connecting to the Earth, calming
CEDAR - Facilitating communication, balancing, cleansing
MUGWORT -Facilitating dreaming, cleansing, protection
VALERIAN - Harmony, soothing, visionary
CLARY SAGE - Visionary, protecting, balancing
GRAPEFRUIT - Brings light, tonifying, clarifying

Blended into a base of Organic Jojoba oil.

Apply 2-3 drops on 3rd eye, Heart, back of the head during meditation, journaling, mantra, envisioning practices or anytime you need support in expanding your perspective.

This special oil is available for a limited time thru January 2017.