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Brick & Mortar Shops

You can find Amulette at a handful of thoughtful shops! Interesting in carrying Amulette offerings at your shop? Please send all inquires to:  tanya@amulettestudios.com

B E N D,  O R      

Anjou Spa  :  1835 NW Pence Lane

Jub-Bee-Lee  :  903 NW Wall Street

The Workhouse  :  50 SE Scott Street

Wren and Wild  :  910 NW Harriman Street

K I L L  D E V I L  H I L L S,  N C                               

Altwood  :  3105 North Croatan Highway

L A N G L E Y,  W A                                

Flying Bear  :  207 1st Street, Whidbey Island

L O S   A N G E L E S,  C A                             

Dotter Store  :  5027 York Blvd, Highland Park

N E W  Y O R K,  N Y                             

Shibui Spa/Greenwich Hotel  :  377 Greenwich Street, Tribeca

P O R T L A N D,  O R

Shipwreck! :  805 N. Killingsworth Street

Yoga Union  :  2305 SE 50th Avenue

S E A T T L E,  W A                                

Sugarpill Apothecary  :  900 E. Pine Street, Capitol Hill